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I have added some more programmes or services to sightseeing to make your day even more complete and enjoyable.

If you would like to go just for a sightseeing tour, have a look at my standard tours.

Classical Budapest Tour with Coffee and Cake, Lunch and Turkish Bath
Artistic Budapest Tour with Studio Visit and Evening Concert
Jewish Heritage Tour with synagogue visits and Hungarian-Jewish gastronomy
Chain Bridge Budapest by night
Wonders of the Night with Dinner and Music

About Me

Sandor Doman professional tour guideMy name is Sandor Doman*, a licensed, professional guide. I grew up in Budapest and have lived here all my life.

Inspiration has always been important for me: books, music, places, people, conversations… everything that helps me connect with something special.

So, if you are looking for the beauty in a city… or great deeds in history… if you love art or beautiful architecture… we can discover all this together. My motivation as a guide is to show you what is inspiring in our history and city in a personal and caring way.

My special topics of interest are: Arts and Jewish Heritage.

Besides the tours I can also help you organise additional (cultural, relaxational, gastronomical) programmes during your stay. I also provide family-friendly tours in case you bring your children along.

Apart from English I guide tours in Spanish and French too.

* Sandor is Alexander in English, but my friends just call me Sanyi (Alex). Usually this is a bit hard to pronounce for foreigners (in Hungarian ‘s’ is pronounced ‘sh’, and the double letter ‘ny’ is something like the first sound in the word ‘new’).

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News and Stories

Opera Budapest brand image

New brand image of the Opera House

The Hungarian Opera House has created a new brand image for this season. The posters with the Opera’s artists transformed in pop-art or cartoon-like style can already be seen all …

John von Neumann and EDVAC, the first electronic computer.

Great Hungarians

Walking a bit further from the Eiffel Palace towards the city center we will find 2 plaques commemorating the birthplace of John von Neumann. It is very good to remember …

French inspiration

This week I discovered this beautiful and special building. I already knew it from outside, but as I walked by it I decided to go in and look around. This …

Underground architecture

Budapest also has some very interesting architecture underground. A good example is Metro line 4 that was finished just a few years ago; this way it is one of the …

Inspiring Architecture

Budapest has a lot to offer in terms of great architecture. This is one of my favorite buildings in the city. The incredible, beautifully decorated eight-story studio-house and home was …