A very special street in the city

A few days ago I took a walk in one of the most special streets in Budapest. Walking there you have the feeling like being in another time or space… not just a few hundred meters from the Margaret bridge.

The street bears the name of Gül Baba, a legendary Turkish dervish, who arrived here with the troops that occupied Hungary in 1541. His name means Father of the roses, probably not in the literal but rather in the spiritual sense. According to the legend he died exactly on the day when the city was occupied, and was buried in what is currently the Matthias Church.

We find the tomb of Gül Baba at the end of the street, which is the most Northern place of pilgrimage for Muslims. It is currently being renovated, and will be extended with a museum, a café and a garden. The works will probable finish in the second half of 2017.

The area has several other Turkish references. A very beautiful, intimate and nicely renovated Turkish bath can also be found here.

Join my Classical Budapest with Turkish bath tour, and you can experience the atmosphere of the Turkish baths:-)