Explore some of the less known area’s of Budapest, and let yourself be inspired by the rich past and the flourishing present of our city’s artistic life.

Proposed programme for half a day

In case you would like to go deeper in any of the topics, the tour can be extended to a full-day programme (see the proposed visits at the end of the tour description).

Photo: Krisztina Horváth

Our tour starts at the Opera House, an amazing architectural artwork. It is one of the city’s most important musical centres, with a long history and tradition.

We will take a walk in the neighbourhood around the Opera that hosts a few other important locations of the Hungarian musical life. In the meantime you will learn about the lives and works of some of the outstanding Hungarian musicians.

This area is also called the Theatre District as it includes some exquisite theatres, the Moulin Rouge, the Operetta Theatre, the Academy of Music, and many good restaurants and charming cafés.

Coffee and cake stop


The neighbouring Jewish District also has a lot to offer in terms of Arts, especially in its contemporary expressions. More than 20 buildings in this area are decorated with gigantic colorful paintings. We will walk by the murals and also glimpse into local arts spaces, such as small galleries, workshops or theatres.

Our next destination is the Palace Quarter where several important personalities of the Hungarian literature lived for a shorter or longer period. You can listen to some stories about their lives and get inspired by the bohemian and artistic atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Walking along the streets we will also be amazed by the beautiful palaces built by the Hungarian aristocracy during the second half of the 19th century.




In case you would like to go deeper in any of the topics visits in the below museums and institutions can also be included in the tour.


Hungarian Opera House – One of our most important musical centres, with a long history and tradition. A great architectural artwork too.

Academy of Music – A beautiful Art Nouveau style building where several generations of musicians have been brought up. In its concert hall innumerable world-famous artists have performed.

Palace of Arts – One of Hungary’s most modern cultural institutions. It brings together many disciplines of Arts, and provides a home for all genres of music (classical, contemporary, popular, world, jazz and opera), dance, contemporary circus and literature too.

Franz Liszt Memorial Museum – a reconstruction of the last apartment in Budapest of the great pianist and composer, including some of his original instruments, furniture, books, scores and some personal objects.

Optional evening program: concert or show according to your musical preference.


Fine Arts

Hungarian National Gallery – Hungary’s largest exhibited collection of fine art, from the earliest artworks around the foundation of the state until the 20th century. The museum is located in the picturesque area of the Buda Castle District.

Exhibition Hall – The beautiful building on Heroes’ Square has been the centre of contemporary Hungarian fine art since its establishment at the end of the 19th century. It exhibits the most significant trends of contemporary Hungarian and international fine arts.

Museum of Applied Arts – The building itself is a great artwork built in Art Nouveau style. The coloured dome adorned with ceramic tiles and the open entrance hall with its wonderful ornaments make a warm invitation to the visitors.

Independent galleries and/or studios – Budapest hosts many small galleries and art studios too. You can get a direct glimpse into the contemporary Hungarian artistic life.




Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center – A new and modern visual arts institute, bearing the name of the great Hungarian photographer and photo-journalist.

Hungarian House of Photography – The richly decorated building was once an eight-story studio-house and home of Mai Manó, Imperial and Royal Court Photographer. Today it is an important centre of photography and visual arts.


Standard tour

Includes: half-day tour guiding

Price: 100 EUR / group (up until 7 persons), extension to a full-day programme: +50 EUR / group

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Tour package

Includes: half-day tour guiding, coffee/tea and cake stop, lunch, visit in a painter’s studio, entrance to an evening concert*, 24-hour Budapest travel card

* Budapest offers a great variety of musical performances (opera, classical, world-folk, jazz). We will do our best to arrange one that suits your preference.

Price: 210 EUR / 2 persons, 290 EUR / 4 persons (ask for a quote in case of different group size)
Extension to a full-day programme: +50 EUR / group

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