Jews have almost 2.000 years of history in Hungary. In this tour you can discover the colourful Jewish neighbourhood and some other Jewish-related sites of the city.


Proposed programme for half a day

Photo: József Rozsnai, Wikimedia Commo

We take a walk in the Jewish Quarter, and you can learn about its past and present.

During the tour we will visit the 3 synagogues of the neighbourhood. Each of them has something special to show to its visitors.

Great Synagogue (Dohány street synagogue) – Europe’s largest synagogue and the second largest synagogue in the world. A complex that includes a Holocaust memorial garden and a Jewish Museum too.

Coffee and cake break in a traditional Hungarian-Jewish café



Orthodox Synagogue – A beautifully renovated art-nouveau building. It is within a small complex of the Orthodox Jewish community.

Rumbach Street Synagogue – An exceptional and inspiring building with many Moorish elements

Apart from the Jewish-related sites we will also get to know the neighbourhood that is one of the centres of the night life in Budapest and also has a lot to offer in terms of Arts. More than 20 buildings in this area are decorated with gigantic colorful paintings. We will walk by the murals and also glimpse into local arts spaces.

Lunch in a Hungarian-Jewish restaurant


Extended tour

After having explored the Jewish neighbourhood we will visit a few Holocaust memorials

  • Shoes on the bank of the Danube
  • Holocaust memorials on Liberty Square
  • Glass House, a building used by the Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz to help Jews in Budapest during the war (currently a museum)


Optional visit in the Holocaust Memorial Centre.


We cross the Danube and visit a few synagogues on the Buda side:

Remains of a Medieval Synagogue in the Castle District – it is a memory of a flourishing period in the Middle Ages

Two active synagogues – both of them nice examples of the Jewish revival in Hungary


We can finish the tour with another coffee and cake or with a dinner.




Standard tour

Includes: half-day tour guiding

Price: 100 EUR / group (up until 7 persons), extension to a full-day programme: +50 EUR / group

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Tour package

Includes: Entrance to the 3 synagogues of the Jewish Quarter, Coffee/tea and cake in a traditional Hungarian-Jewish pastry shop, Lunch in a Hungarian-Jewish restaurant (Kosher if required)

Price: 180 EUR / 2 persons, 250 EUR / 4 persons
Extension to a full-day programme: +50 EUR / group

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