The frozen Danube and King Matthias

Pieces of ice in the Danube and the Elisabeth Bridge.

This winter has been unusually cold. For a few weeks there were even big pieces of ice in the Danube as you can see on the photo.
However this was not so unusual some time ago. According to the legend King Matthias was crowned on the ice of the frozen river in 1458. Probably there were a few thousand people on the ice cheering the newly elected king. In the meantime he was still under arrest in Prague, and he arrived in Buda just a few weeks later. The different groups of noblemen fighting for the power were hoping that he would become a weak king, and they would be able to direct the country.
King Matthias was just 15 years old when he was crowned, and he became one of the most powerful kings of our history . His reign was a golden age for our country.


A relief of King Matthias.