King Matthias and the Hungarian banknotes

In the previous post we mentioned King Matthias.
Did you know that his portrait can be found on the 1.000 HUF banknote?
Each of our banknotes shows an important personality of the Hungarian history:
500 HUF – Ferenc Rákóczi, leader of the uprising against the Habsburgs and for the independence of Hungary. Wherever you go in Hungary, you will find a street or square named after him.
5.000 HUF – István Széchenyi, the “greatest Hungarian”. He contributed a lot to the development of the country in the first half of the 19th century. Just to mention two examples: he proposed the foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the construction of the Chain Bridge.
10.000 HUF – Ferenc Deák, the “wise man of the country”. He played an important role in reaching the compromise with the Habsburgs after the revolution in 1848-49.
20.000 HUF – King (Saint) Stephen, the founder of the country, our first king. He was crowned exactly in 1000 AD.
There is one missing note, do you know which one?:-)